Google Webmaster Tools : All you need to know

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Course Description
Learn Google Webmaster Tools to optimize your sites for google. Google webmaster tool is of the powerful tool.

This coursework is powerful guide to help you getting started with Google Webmaster Tools. Google Webmaster Tools is of the most powerful tools available on net to rank your sites with less efforts. As this tool is maintained by Google Developer Team so it is much updated as per the algorithm of Google.

This tool helps you a lot to manage all the errors that may cause you bad rankings. In this video coursework you will learn A to Z of Google Webmaster Tools. I structured this coursework in such a way that both beginners & professionals could get to learn new things.

I have started this coursework with an introduction to the dashboard of site owners tool so that you could basically recognize what are the functions that they could apply. Then you will explore each & every corner of webmaster tools, I have explained all the ideas with live examples from my sample weblog so that you can basically apply to your net site with no mistakes.

All the ideas are explained in detailed manner, but still you get any doubt on any of the part throughout this learning, then I am here to sort out all of your doubts.